GOLDPen Voltage Vaporizer Pen – Battery 320


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This small, slim 510-thread battery accepts 1.0g and 0.5g vaporizer cartridges. The battery320 offers a lighted on/off button switch. The Battery320 has an on/off button switch. You simply press the button and inhale; the button lights up when you press it.

Operation: Battery320 offers state-of-the-art features, such as variable voltages. It also has a pre-heat mode for very thick oils. If you hold the button down too long, the battery temporarily turns off to prevent overheating. And, you can turn it off so it does not inadvertently activate in you pocket or handbag.
    – 5 clicks for on/off
    – 2 clicks for preheat

– 3 clicks to change voltage (Green-2.6v; Blue-2.8v; White-3.0v; Purple-3.2v; Red-3.5v)
As you increase the voltage, you may increase the amount of vapor, but you may also change the flavor. If you need to adjust the voltage lower, cycle back through all the 3-click settings until you reach the desired voltage color.

Charging: The 320mAh capacity lasts 5 or more days before re-charging, depending on usage. When it is time for charging, the battery button flashes, and the battery turns off automatically. (However, you may notice that the volume of vapor from the cartridge decreases as the battery approaches re-charge time.) A USB charger is included. To re-charge, unscrew the cartridge, and screw the battery onto the USB charger. Insert the USB charge plug into any USB receptacle. The charger’s LED is green when charging the battery, and then orange when fully charged. After a full charge, the battery automatically shuts off charging. You cannot inadvertently overcharge the battery.