Critical Kali Mist

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Critical Kali Mist is a sativa strain created through crossing the infamous Critical Mass and Kali Mist strains. The result of this powerhouse cross is a heavy-hitting bud that’s potent. Critical Kali Mist has a happy and lifting onset that’s slightly tingly and itchy in the back of your head and behind the eyes. This itchiness will eventually fade into a slight tickle that leaves you giggly and social, laughing with anyone around you about anything or nothing at all. As your happiness and sociability grows, your body will start to settle into a light relaxing body high that won’t weigh you down at all. Thanks to these pain-killing effects and its super high 22% average THC level, Critical Kali Mist is said to be perfect. It has a super spicy and harsh chemical pepper flavor that can leave you coughing and an aroma to match. Critical Kali Mist buds have dense round thick olive green nugs with minty patches and a light coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes.