Cookies & Cream – 4.20 Brownie (1,000mg THC)


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Cookies & Cream

The ultimate comfort food.  Baked chocolate goodness with crunchy cookies and California-grown cannabis. You’re gonna need a tall glass of milk and a spot on the couch. For experienced consumers only.

Ingredients: Butter, Chocolate Chips, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Flour, Eggs, Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Crumbles, Cannabis Oil, Salt.

Advice for Consumption: Start EXTREMELY small. Be patient. This is a high potency medical product for experienced consumers only. Start with a couple of pieces the size of a half-inch sugar cube. Wait at least TWO HOURS to feel the full effects before consuming more.

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The Venice Cookie Co.

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  1. OMG! The best brownie I have ever tasted. If you’re a chocolate lover then this’ll be heaven to you! I have severe back pain and insomnia, since it’s 1000 milligrams you only need bits of it. Worth every penny.

  2. Finally !!! A potent enough edible for my needs. I have a high tolerance and this is perfect. Use with caution though if you are not experienced !

  3. This tastes delicious! One of my favorite edibles because of the flavor and potency. It’s very strong so be careful. You’ll get a few doses out of it so it’s worth every penny. I recommend this!

  4. Okay so I did over do myself with this because it was so good I couldn’t stop myself. I recommend this to all patients who have a high tolerance and have self control (hehe). It’s amazing, you won’t regret it!

  5. My first time trying this product and I’m very impressed. It is decadent and tastes amazing! I would highly advise anybody to give this bar a try if you like chocolate desserts.

  6. This one is so potent!! I could only have a piece of it but it’s great. It tastes amazing!!

  7. I LOVE brownies and this one was so good. You only need a small bite as it has 1000 mg. I slept like a baby after. If you enjoy brownies go get this one!!

  8. This brownie delicious and it last awhile I only need a few small bites each time and i’m stuck on the couch the rest of the night it is very potent

  9. One of the best edibles I have come across. You just want to eat these all day! I tell all of my friends to try these and they love them. Try them out!!!

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