Cheeba Chews Chocolate Taffy Pure CBD (50mg CBD)



Cheeba Chews’ Pure CBD edible. Coming from a company that’s known for the consistency and potency of their products, each 50mg (CBD) morsel yields impressive effects for medical patients looking for long-term relief. With only 2mg of THC to the 50mg of CBD, this chew provides minimum psychoactivity while providing maximum medical effects. Packing a punch in a little package, this tiny chew resembled a tootsie roll, and it had a great taste that’s similar to the popular candy (it had little to no cannabis taste). Overall, these Cheeba Chews are a great anti-inflammatory, and they also work well to relieve pain, spasms and anxiety. They keep those with allergies in mind, as they are peanut, tree nut and gluten free. Individually wrapped, Cheeba Chews come with one chew per package, making them extremely convenient and portable for medical patients.