Cheeba Chews Chocolate Taffy Extra Strength (award winner – 175mg THC)


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The 2011 & 2012 High Times Award Winning Deca Dose was designed for high tolerance patients, or patients needing a multiple dose product that is easily broken into smaller doses. The Deca Dose contains 2.5x the medicine of hybrid Chew in the same discreet size.

Inactive Ingredients: Sugar (5g), Corn Syrup, Soybean Oil, Milk, Cocoa, Whey, Flavorings.

Active Ingredients: 175mg – THC | Calories: 35

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Cheeba Chews

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  1. These little tasty Cheebas may be small but let me just tell you..they are strong! They have been awesome for me especially with my high tolerance!!

  2. I have a really high tolerance so I prefer these cheeba chews over the others. These are the VERY strong and very potent. So they are great before bed time.

  3. They look small but are so strong! They are great for right before bedtime. I have terrible migraines at night so it’s perfect.

  4. They are really really strong! They are perfect for my back pain at night time. I need a stronger dose. They are easy to take and easy to bring around 🙂

  5. My favorite Cheeba Chew by far!!!! Make sure you don’t have any major plans before taking this little guy. It’s small but it packs a major punch! Tastes like a tootsie roll

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