Bugatti OG

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The Bugatti OG strain is another child of the famous OG Kush father. Named after the namesake luxury vehicles, this indica strain is also created only for true connoisseurs. The strain’s buds are forest green and emit the sweet pine scent all Kush fans love so much. Inhaling the bud’s smoke, you will also feel a delicious honey flavor and an earthy aftertaste. The Bugatti OG effects come quickly and can be described as a relaxing euphoria. It makes the consumers happy, focused, and uplifted. In addition, this strain is an effective pain-killer. With this magical weed, you will find yourself pain-free and able to return to normal functioning. Bugatti OG will let you forget about muscle spasms and cramps, as well as nausea and stress. Be aware of its high THC potency. Low-tolerant users may become paranoid or anxious, while even seasoned customers may experience dryness in eyes and mouth. Nevertheless, this indica is extremely popular in Michigan and California. So, there are high chances that the Bugatti OG cannabis will become one of your favorite strains too.