Bud Man’s Tangilope (34.7% THC – premium)

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Bud Man is out with its 2nd strain ever home grown! This one is a sativa and a very rare exotic strain that is famous for providing a surge of energy!

Tangilope is a heavily sativa strain (exceeding 90% pure sativa) created through a cross of the infamous Tangie X Chocolope strains. This high-powered bud is most famous for its taste, which is said to be like eating a chocolate covered mandarin orange slice. The smell is very much the same, with a spicy sweet orange bouquet that has a pleasant spicy chocolate smell that emerges when the nugs are broken apart and smoked. The Tangilope high is one of creative stimulation and energy, making it perfect for a day that you need an extra boost to get through everything. The high starts with a cerebral rush to the head almost immediately after smoking that leaves you uplifted and euphoric with an overpowering case of the giggles. Despite this giggly state, you’ll still be incredibly focused and creatively motivated with a sense of purpose and urgency. This bud has long pepper-shaped lumpy light minty green nugs with rich amber undertones and dark amber hairs and a frosty fine layer of tiny chunky white trichomes.