Blackberry Trainwreck

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Balance is the name of the game for Blackberry Trainwreck, as it’s a 50/50 hybrid that offers a great high and flavor profile. Also called “Blackberry Wreck,” mystery breeders crossed Trainwreck with Blackberry Kush to create this rare strain. Not a lot is known about Blackberry Trainwreck, but users don’t seem to care – it’s a strain they choose time and time again.

Blackberry Trainwreck is a great choice for users of all experience levels. Remember, balance is key here, and this strain does it quite well in both smell and taste. Spicy berries, fresh dirt, and a musky stank all blend together for a smell that will tickle your nose, while the flavor is a bit sweeter with a heavy kush vibe. Nugs have lovely purple undertones and a lot of sticky resin to compliment a thorough dusting of trichomes.

Ready to space out for a while in a state of relaxed happiness? This strain will be your favorite then, as it slowly lures you into a creative space that’s euphoric yet slightly hazy. Don’t try to tackle any huge projects on this high, as you won’t be able to focus on one thing for very long.

The leaves on Blackberry Trainwreck are an impressive array of colors, with dark maroon on the underside and an assortment of fall colors on top.

This strain just might hit every checkbox on the list of a perfectly bred hybrid. Her effects are pleasant without being overbearing and she brings a flavor that most will appreciate.

Try Blackberry Trainwreck for recreational use any day of the week.