Black E-Nail with 20mm Coil Dabbing Set


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The Black E-Nail with 20mm Coil takes you out of the Stone Age and into the modern age of dabbing by allowing you to electronically heat your nail as opposed to gruelingly slave over it with a butane torch. This electronic nail uses a coil heating element to quickly and evenly heat the titanium nail. Titanium was used for the dab nail for its rugged, durable qualities as well as its tendency to retain heat. Simply plug in using the included power cable and your nail will heat to an adequate temperature to properly heat your waxes, oils and concentrates without wasting them. A silicone jar is included for additional convenience.

  • Size: 3.5″ x 4.5″
  • Coil heater
  • Power cable
  • Titanium nail
  • Silicone jar
  • Packing box
  • Manual
  • Color: Black