710 Labs Cannabis Infused Hash Rosin Gummi (100mg THC – 8 options)


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710 Labs Hash Rosin Gummi’s are made from the rosin we dab so frequently. Each batch is cultivar specific without any added flavor, and will taste exactly how nature intended.

All natural, full spectrum, vegan, handmade.

  • 100 mg THC – 10 pieces per package

At 710 Labs we try to optimize the shopping experience with our Tiering system. Our products are tiered 1 through 4, each with their own specifications. Tier 1s are the best of the best only. Often limited runs, these are the best expressions of each genetic, rich in terpenes and bursting with flavor. They are one of our least common product types. Tier 2 products offer the same attributes but just aren’t deemed as exceptional as our Tier 1s and so on.