Stay Lit Vape Battery w/ USB Charger 2200mah (3 colors)


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Designed with a state of the art, upgraded, 2200mah battery, the Stay Lit Vape battery and USB charger are ideal replacement parts for your Stay Lit Vape. Each battery was made from high grade chrome and can be charged in a wide range of outlets.

  • 2200mah battery
  • USB charger

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Stay Lit


  1. I’ve tried a few vape pen kits and this is by far a great product for its price. A lot of kits run expensive so this is perfect for soneone trying out a vape for the first time without breaking the bank. Easy use and hasnt caused me any problems with it’s function.

  2. This is my favorite battery the charge last so long and I get big hits out of it compared to the other pens i’ve tried. Definitely recommend this if you smoke alot and don’t want to have to constantly be charging your pen.

  3. After trying many batteries and different pens I’m glad I gave this pen a chance the battery does last for an unbelievable amount of time I get big good hits every time I would recommend this pen to anyone who vapes regularly and is on the go.

  4. This was my first vape pen purchase and I’m obsessed! The battery lasts so long and it hits great! I don’t have much to compare to since this was my first one but I don’t think i will be buying any other one but the stay lit! I’m very impressed and highly recommend this pen!!

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