Peanut Butter S’Mores – 4.20 Brownie (500mg THC)


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Peanut Butter S’Mores

Chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff swirled together with a little Delta-9-THC. Enjoy and then spend the next few hours contemplating the genius of this combination of ingredients. This is a high potency product for experienced consumers only.

Ingredients: Butter, Chocolate Chips, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Flour, Eggs, Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Crumbles, Cannabis Oil, Salt.

Advice for Consumption: Start EXTREMELY small. Be patient. This is a high potency medical product for experienced consumers only. Start with a couple of pieces the size of a half-inch sugar cube. Wait at least TWO HOURS to feel the full effects before consuming more.

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The Venice Cookie Co.

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  1. Based on taste alone this brownie is very yummy. I eat about half for a perfect medicated feel.

  2. This melts in my mouth. I love this if I need a little less milligrams than the cookies and creams, I eat a bit before my day and it’s a nice dosage for a long amount of time. Good price for the item.

  3. This 4.20 product is beyond tasty! I’m a big PB fan so this really feeds my cravings. It is really potent and strong too so that always makes it more fun.

  4. These are sooo delicious!! I am so glad Budman carries such a wide variety of yummy edibles because I don’t tend to medicate with herb. Thanks Budman <3

  5. This thing is so yummy. So hard not to eat the whole thing because it is very potent. Use with caution.

  6. Delicious. A sweet snack to have in the day to medicate. I can definitely enjoy this in the car if I’m in a rush or enjoy it at home.

  7. Really potent and really delicious. No herby taste. Tastes like dessert. I eat just a 1/4 at a time so it’s a good deal for how potent it is

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