O.penVAPE Craft RESERVE Super High Potency Cartridges (500mg – 1 strain)


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O.PenVAPE has achieved new found glory by introducing their brand new product – the O.Pen Craft Reserve! Collected from hand selected flower with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes this oil is guaranteed to medicate you with it’s top of the line concentrate every time. Reviewers were happy to report that the new Craft Reserve serves clean, smooth hits and would be perfect for your next social or a relaxation by the beach.

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  1. Theses cartridges are amazing. Definitely the strength that I need and want. It comes in higher THC percentages so I don’t feel like I need to take as many hits.

  2. The Purple Erkle is sooo strong 80.1% THC definitely worth the price for the quality. Will be buying again!

  3. This sativa gives me a nice clear high I would recommend this to anyone looking for the perfect hits.

  4. This product is very high quality and lasts me a long time. Usually I burn through other cartridges but this one was worth trying. Will buy again.

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