O.penVAPE Cartridge (1 gram – 4 strains)


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CO2 Honey Oil cartridges are strain-specific, and come in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid varieties.

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1 gram


  1. This is bomb, I love the flavors by o.pen vape cartridges! They have perfect dosages for every hit. & you save more money getting the full gram of honey oil. 🙂

  2. For anybody looking to start vaping, this is the best. I tried the Gobstopper and it gave me the milky hit that I was looking for and lasted me a long time. I never vaped before using this and now I’m sold.

  3. Of all the vape brands out there now, this is the best that I’ve tried. The sativa options keep me awake and I have the energy to function throughout the day.

  4. This is my go-to vape cartridge. Has been more reliable than any of the other cartridges I’ve gotten before. It would give me the right amount of vapor with every drawl.

  5. I love O.pen vape these cartridges last a good amount of time and I get a good hit and a nice high everytime.

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