Me So Honey Petite Honey Jar (200mg THC)


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200mg THC

CONSUMPTION ADVICE: Until you know the effects of this product, eat only half of a serving and wait a minimum of 75 minutes before consuming another portion.

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The Venice Cookie Co.

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  1. I love using this product in my tea. It’s great when I have my tea before bed and this puts me right to sleep.

  2. I wanted a healthier alternative to sugar and I came across this honey which I absolutely adore. I’m very impressed with the quality of the product.

  3. I love using this honey in my hot water with some lemon whenever my throat is killing me.. Definitely takes an edge off the pain when I’m sick

  4. I’ve been needing something that could make my teas and fruit drinks sweeter without using too much sugar and somebody told me that honey would make a great alternative. Glad I found Bud Man to deliver this amazing product! I don’t think I’ll ever be using sugar to sweeten my drinks ever again!

  5. I like having tea before bed and this honey is a great way to enjoy tea, medicate, and get a good night’s rest.

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