Kiva Chocolate Bites (6 flavors)


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The Kiva Bites are the perfect solution for patients looking for variety. In a single serving size, the “triple strength” Minis ofer a suitable dose for most high tolerance patients and they can sample multiple flavors to find their favorite:

6 different flavors include: 

Dark Chocolate (15mg)

Milk Chocolate (15mg)

Tangerine Chocolate (45mg)

Blackberry Chocolate (45mg)

Mint Irish Cream Milk Chocolate (45mg)

Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate (45mg)

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THC Level

15mg – 45mg


Mini Size


  1. The Kiva Bites are my absolute favorite! They taste SO good (kind of like Ghirardelli squares) and are the perfect size for dosing. Plus I love the variety of flavors!

  2. I love these!! So many gourmet-like flavors and are the perfect size. If you’re a chocolate lover you have to try these. Quality taste and gives you a good high.

  3. I love these because they aren’t crazy strong! They are the perfect dose to relax. They are yummy chocolate squares too 🙂

  4. I love these so you can try all the flavors. It is also convenient because its in a smaller package since the bigger bar is too strong for me.

  5. These chocolate bites are absolutely delicious. Mint Irish Cream is my favorite. It is the perfect size to travel with when I need a little pick me up. The flavor is absolutely palatable because it hardly tastes like MJ. I cut them up into 4 pieces and it lasts me a pretty long time.

  6. Got one of these as a VIP gift and fell inlove with how amazing it tasted. I think I got the milk chocolate and it was very satisfying.

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