LOL Pot Cereal – LOL Edibles (400mg THC – 3 Flavors)

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Bud Man is proud to be a provider of a well respected brand of edibles that patients can rely on for quality and reliability while tasting great. LOL Edibles aims to take the industry by storm by providing great customer service and amazing products.

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Crunch Caps, Loop Fruits, Toasty Crunchies

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LOL Edibles


  1. Captain crunch is my absolute favorite cereal ever!! It taste just like the actual serial…the names of the cereals are funny too!

  2. I loved the cap’n munch it was so good I mixed it with real captain crunch and enjoyed it as a late night snack, it def got the job done and was tasty!

  3. These cereals take “wake and bake” to a whole
    New level. Captian Munch is a must have.. It reminds me of my childhood in so many ways

  4. I like the chronic toast crunch. I mix it with other cereals for snack time or when I watch movies at home. It taste so good! I Love it!

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