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Being the perfect sativa blended strain that it is, J1 is a cross between Skunk #1 & Jack Herer, which not only makes it delicious but equally potent at the same time. The strain is recognized for being extremely sweet and sour all the while being fruity. As for the nuggets, they are dense with a light green surface. What is really interesting is that J1 is also covered in trichomes with thick orange hairs. But that is not all, as it smells danky just like rosemary. While enjoying J1 you will come to realize that during the inhale it is spicy right at the tip of the tongue but the exhale turns out to be very sweet. There is no doubt that J1 is unlike any other strain you may have encountered before. Additionally, it is not for the faint of heart or first time marijuana users. A few hits of J1 are more than enough to make your eye lids drop.