Easy Grinder – Electronic Grinder Dispenser (Black)


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Achieving the perfect granulated herb will never get easier than with the Easy Grinder. This automatic electric weed grinder reduces even the most resistant bud to fine grain with just one click. Take advantage of the adjustable swing tip to guarantee the result is as fine as your preference. With a generous 2.5g storage chamber, this electric herb grinder allows you to take care of a considerable amount of flower at once. This top of the line electric grinder is resistant to clogging and includes a cleaning brush to keep it in pristine condition. Replacement blades are also included so you can retain the same stunning efficiency of this electronic grinder as on its first use. With an included USB cord and rechargeable battery, there’s no reason you’ll ever have to use your fingers to pull apart sticky buds ever again.

  • Automatic grinder
  • 2.5g storage chamber
  • Replacement blades
  • Adjustable swing tip
  • Rechargeable 5 hour battery
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB cord
  • Color: Black