CBD Isolate – Canna Nano


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Top quality extract, kosher and organic, this is pure CBD at it’s finest. 1 gram of 99.9% pure CBD = 1000mg.

Add to any food or beverage, or any combustible. Use it as an ingredient in anything for your own dosage, take daily. Sprinkle over your favorite edibles, it’s flavorless and odorless. Our quality CBD Isolate is used by everyone from parents to the young at heart, and we even supply many brands which make it into other products on the market – Buy CBD Isolate 100% legal and straight from the source.

Our CBD Isolate is specially formulated with your enjoyment in mind. It’s made from top quality, organically grown industrial hemp, to create 99% Pure CBD. It’s vegan, triple tested, and food grade to promote health and wellness. In order to preserve freshness, store away from heat, light and humidity. Contains high quality pesticide free CBD.

Dosage Recommendation – 1 scoop the size of a match head is approximately 10mg.