Kure Botanicals

Kure Botanicals is the maker of the wildly popular Kure Oil™, a 100% natural lab-tested cannabis oil with no harmful additives or artificial flavors. Through proprietary techniques, Kure Oil™ has been developed to be a light oil ideal for vaporizing.

As such, Kure Botanicals distributes its 100% natural oil in its own pen called the Kurvana KPEN™

Bud Man OC is an official distributor of Kure Botanicals.

Kure Botanicals – Vape Pens and Oil Products

  • KPEN Vape Cartridges v2 – Kurvana (1 gram – 15 options)

    $70.00 Select options
  • KPEN Vape Cartridges v1 – Kurvana (1 gram – 15 options)

    $65.00 Select options
  • ASCND Vape Battery Set – Kurvana (350mah – 3 options)

    $35.00 Select options