High Times in Anaheim

420 Culture

When it comes to getting high in Anaheim, there’s no need to restrict yourself to Disneyland alone. There are plenty of other theme parks within Anaheim’s city limits or within a 1 to 2 hour drive that promises just as much fun and adventure. Learn more about the different ways to experience Anaheim as a stoned thrill-seeker with the options below.


We know, we know… you don’t HAVE TO visit Disneyland, but when the subject of “fun things to do at Anaheim” comes up, we would be remiss to not mention Disney at all. While it doesn’t have to be your ONLY option, it’s a viable one to consider and here’s why. It’s a magical kingdom filled with pirates, princesses, song, and dance. It’s where you can explore different worlds – real and imagined, scream your way down a rollercoaster, and eat yourself silly. Disneyland is a beloved American tradition and an Anaheim staple. It’s no wonder that it tops almost every list when it comes to things to do while in Anaheim.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Another great Anaheim-based theme park option is Knott’s Berry Farm. Like Disneyland, Knott’s boasts wild and fun rides – over 165 to be exact. You can also enjoy live shows and unique attractions here. Don’t let Snoopy and his friends fool you, Knott’s is as much an adult-appropriate themed park as much as it is kid-friendly, making it a wonderful place to have fun while high, during an Anaheim stay.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

If you’re looking for some serious air, drops, and screams, then invest in the hour or so drive to Six Flags Magic Mountain, about 70 miles north of Anaheim. This is where you’ll find the best roller coasters in Southern California. Scare yourself silly with fast, speedy, tall, and spinning rides that you won’t easily find anywhere else. It’s an incredible experience that is only heightened by pot. We recommend a fun sativa strain for an energized high that will keep you feeling good all day long.

Sea World

If the idea of screaming, huge drops, and high winds through your hair doesn’t sound like a fun afternoon to spend while high, then head on over to Sea World. It’s a comfortable ride from Anaheim along the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Once there, you can choose to attend memorable shows, main attractions, and even the occasional ride should the mood strike! Imagine it now, getting high right before entering and then seeing aquatic creatures like nothing else you’ve ever seen before. It’s bound to blow your already tripped-out mind!

Yorba Regional Park

If you’re looking to skip theme parks altogether, then opt for a fun afternoon at Yorba Park. This Anaheim park is designed for activity, adventure, and/or rest and relaxation. Here you can hike, bike, fish, play games (volleyball, horseshoe), or simply relax in the shade while barbecuing and picnicking. It’s a fantastic option that delivers sunshine, nature, fun, and rest. Depending on the high experience you’re looking for, you can find the perfect activities to complement it when at Yorba Park.