Gemstonz is an award-winning small batch, craft botanical & kitchen that brings high quality cannabis-infused products to the market.

Their topicals are a 2016 Cannabis Cup winner and they are officially some of the best in the MMJ business. And if you’re all about supporting others that have great start-up stories, look no further and support Gemstonz.

Bud Man OC is a proud provider of Gemstonz products.

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Gemstonz Products at Bud Man OC

  • Whip It THC Nourishing Whipped Body Butter – Gemstonz

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  • THC Infused Novelty Candle – Gemstonz

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  • Soothe It Daily Use Balm – Gemstonz

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  • Rub It Massage Oil – Gemstonz

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  • Pure CBD Hemp Isolate Powder – Gemstonz (99% CBD – 500mg)

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  • Lube It Intimate Lubrication – Gemstonz

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  • Ink It Whipped Tattoo Aftercare – Gemstonz (45mg THC)

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  • Heal It Healing Salve – Gemstonz (40mg THC)

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  • Gemstonz Organic Hemp CBD Tea 6-pack (105mg CBD – 3 options)

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  • CBD Squirt It Pets – Gemstonz (115mg CBD)

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  • CBD Squirt It Hemp Tincture – Gemstonz (4 options)

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  • CBD Hemp Bath Melts – Gemstonz (50mg CBD – 3 options)

    $15.00 Select options
  • Buzz It CBD Infused Honey – Gemstonz (100mg CBD)

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