Get Medical Marijuana the Right Way: How To Get an MMJ Card

If you’re on the market to get weed legally, morally, and conveniently then know that there’s a right way to do it. You don’t have to lie, you don’t have to meet anyone in dark alleyways, and you don’t have to deal with shady “clinics”. Follow these easy steps to obtain a medical marijuana card the right way.

If you’re at this juncture, you’re probably already suffering from of some type of ailment or pain. The first thing you’ll have to do is to obtain a doctor’s note. In California, it is legal to use marijuana to treat pain and your doctor is the gatekeeper.

Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your ailment. Focus on your symptoms/pain first, discuss the diagnose, and then slowly transition towards discussions of possible treatments with medical marijuana. At this point, if your doctor agrees that marijuana is a suitable medicinal treatment, they will provide you with a letter of recommendation.

If you are not comfortable and/or unsuccessful with obtaining a doctor’s recommendation through your practitioner, know that there are many legitimate facilities, clinics, and hospitals available that can also be of service. Simply check your local listings to find options near you.

Once you have your doctor’s recommendation in hand, you can apply for a medical marijuana card by filling out an application/renewal form in person at your county’s program. Eligibility requirements below:

  • Must reside in the California County where the application is submitted
  • Provide a copy of your doctor’s recommendation
  • Provide proof of identity. This can be a valid California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver’s license or valid identification (ID) card or other valid government-issued photo ID card.
  • Provide proof of residency (e.g. – rent or mortgage agreement, utility bill, California DMV motor vehicle registration)
  • Pay the fee required by your county program
  • Have your photo taken at the county’s program office. Photo will appear on your MMIC

That’s it! Now that you have your card, you are legally allowed to enjoy medical marijuana. It’s easy to do, it’s beneficial to your health, and it’s within your legal rights. Don’t wait another second to get your medical marijuana card.