3 Ways to Get High at Disneyland


There are few things in life more magical than Disney. The nostalgia, the twinkly-sounding music, and the larger-than-life sets… what could be better? How about being high at the most magical place on earth! Imagine it now, splashing down Splash Mountain while giggling like a schoolgirl. Or experiencing a body high like no other while rolling through Space Mountain.

These ultra-fun experiences can be yours – if you’re discreet about it. Here are 3 low-key ways to get high at one of the most fun places on Earth.

1 – Toke up pre entry

Disneyland is an all ages affair and the verdict is still out on whether or not it’s morally okay to toke up in front of children. So do the responsible thing and toke up as discreetly as possible BEFORE entering the park. If you’re going this route, try to hit up your favorite rides immediately to take full advantage of the high. You might want to invest in the FastPass+ service which allows you to reserve VIP access to select attractions, entertainment, and more.

2 – Indulge in an edible

Unlike smoking, edibles require digestion, meaning it will take anywhere from 45-60 minutes for the high effects to kick in. So you’ll have to put a bit of planning into your day. You can either take the edible upon arrival, with lunch, or at the end of day to enjoy the fireworks. The choice is yours. Just be sure to prioritize which events/rides you’re most looking forward to feeling high for and plan accordingly.

3 – Bottle it up

Another viable option comes in bottle form. Pack along a weed tincture or spray bottle in your backpack or purse for the day. It’s a discreet, compact, and fast-acting solution that’s a great complement to spending a day at Disney. With a tincture or spray, all you need to do is take in a few drops/spray into your mouth to start feeling the THC hit within minutes (depending on THC strength). It’s a great solution that’s discreet and easy to plan.

Have Your Best Day Yet at Disneyland

With these easy and discreet ways to get high, spending a day or two at Disneyland while high is now easier and more fun than ever. Enjoy the rollercoaster drops while your body is high as a kite. Take in the vibrant colors, sets, and displays as your mind opens up to another dimension. And enjoy the overpriced — yet ultra-yummy — park food like turkey legs, Dole Whip, and Butterbeer while you’re riding a wave of the munchies. This “Best Day Ever at Disney” is yours for the taking. With just a little bit of prioritizing and planning, you and your friends can experience Disney in a way like never before.