Sensi Chew – Medicated Chocolate Caramel (8 Flavors)


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Sensi Chews are a potent, effective, and discrete solution for medicating anywhere.  Each package contains 100-200MG of cannabis in four (4) pieces making it easy to control the dose amount. Patients talk about Sensi Chew effectiveness to relax muscles and relieve pain, and how the affect is noticeably strong yet enables them to accomplish what they need to without feeling overly medicated. Each patient is different and the dosing should be tailored according to their unique physical needs.

Sensi Chews have a chewy, creamy texture, with the rich taste of chocolate and a hint of cannabis. Chewing slowly allows absorption in the tissues of the mouth and provides a quick onset in as little as 15-30 minutes and lasts for up to 6 hours depending on the individual. Sensi Chews are a proprietary formula made with laboratory tested cannabis oil, and high-quality all natural ingredients.


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Sensi Chew


  1. These are so strong! You only need a tiny bit to feel the full effects. If you have too much it might be hard to wake up but other than that I get amazing rest from it!

  2. I’ve used the Indica sleepytime as well as the sativa and WOW these are amazing. A little goes a long way. By far one of the best edibles for such a bargain price.

  3. Being new to the cannabis community, I wasn’t sure what I could ingest that would help with my insomnia. The helpful and amazing reps from Bud Man recommended that I try out the SensiChew with Melatonin. I gave it a shot and it worked! It made me drowsy and I fell asleep faster than usual. The chews come in 4 squares but to make sure I don’t over-do the dosage I cut 1 square into half and that was enough for me. I also tried the SensiChew Energy and I loved how it kept me awake for the few hours that I needed it. This is a great product!

  4. I bought the sensi chew insomnia with melatonin for my friend who has so much trouble sleeping and has tried everything. She ate half of one of the square and fell asleep fast and slept through the whole night. This one is a must try if you need a good night of sleep.

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