Bhang Pure Vape Oil Cartridges (500mg – 10 strains)


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For the Connoisseurs. Pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil period. No additives, no glycols, no glycerines. Highly potent.

The Pure Vape has no “cut”….it is Pure THC

Inter-changeable with most other Vape/Battery Pens

Highest Grade CO2 Cannabis Oil

Labeled potency results (i.e., THC, CBD, CBG)

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  1. These taste great!! Never had a problem with their potency or usage. Bhang sticks are the way to go 🙂

  2. Bhang products are overall the best vaping product I have ever used, won’t screw up on you like a lot of the other vape products. I love all the different strains, good choices.

  3. Bhang products are the best- reliable when it comes to effectiveness, utility of the product, and overall use .

  4. I like the fact that this is a pure vape option (pure THC) with no additives it gets me super high the orange kush is where its at!

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