Indica marijuana strains are generally known for producing a body high when consumed. Indicas are great for relaxing, easing discomfort, and facilitating sleep. Bud Man carries a large selection of high-quality indica varieties, all with different pronounced effects, so you can dial in precisely the sensations you are seeking. Order now online for home delivery.

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  • She Devil – Grizzly Genetics (34.9% THC – premium)

    $35.00$500.00 Select options
  • Diamond OG

    $22.00$325.00 Select options
  • Face Off OG

    $22.00$325.00 Select options
  • Grape Ape

    $22.00$325.00 Select options
  • Honey Boo Boo

    $22.00$325.00 Select options
  • sapphire marijuana delivery

    Sapphire OG

    $22.00$325.00 Select options
  • Skywalker OG

    $22.00$325.00 Select options
  • Top Shelf Pre-Grinded Dry Herb (1 ounce – 3 strains)

    $280.00 Select options
  • PURLA Pre Packaged Top Shelf Dry Herb (3.5 grams – 3 strains)

    $60.00 Select options