Who Uses Marijuana

Who Uses Weed? The New Faces Behind Marijuana Usage

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If you think only teens and young adults looking to party are behind America’s cannabis usage, think again. With recreational legalization in states like Washington, Colorado, and now California, many more people are discovering the multifaceted benefits of marijuana. Ditch your preconceived notions and get to know the new faces behind today’s marijuana usage.

Boomers and Beyond Dealing with Chronic Pain

Not surprisingly, older generations can be stuck in their ways. And it’s easy to understand why particularly when it comes to antiquated ideas surrounding marijuana. If you’ve been preached at your entire life about marijuana being dangerous, addictive, and all-around bad, you might be stuck in your ways, too. But that’s why it’s so heartening to hear and/or read stories about grandmas and grandpas finally embracing alternative pain relief in cannabis. Cannabis is a huge help to many ailments that affect older generations, afflictions like glaucoma, arthritis, and so much more. By turning their sights to cannabis, they are lessening their dependency on prescription painkillers (which comes with a host of issues like addiction and liver and kidney damage).    

Sick Children Looking for Relief

Legally, you have to be 21 years or older to purchase recreational marijuana in states like California. But for parents of ailing children, they can luckily turn to medical marijuana in dozens of states across the nation. Parents are choosing cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a means to lessen their children’s pain. CBD is a cannabis extract with little to no THC, the psychoactive compound that provides the “high” feeling. By treating their children with CBD, the drug goes to work on ailments like cancer and epilepsy right away without putting their kids in a drug-induced haze.

Exhausted Parents Needing to Wind Down

Marijuana can be used to treat so many issues. From cancer to muscles aches and headaches, it’s a miracle drug that has helped billions of people since its existence. And now with recreational legalization, even more people can discover its benefits. People like parents are often turning to cannabis as a means to relax. It’s as harmless as winding down from a hectic day with a glass of wine. But now instead of the evening cocktail, parents across the nation are choosing to light up after putting their children to bed.

Young Professionals with High-Pressure Jobs

Young professionals are turning to vaping cannabis as a way to deal with their high-pressure roles. Take it from Jonathon, who handles investments at an Edison, NJ, financial services office,“There’s no lethargic feelings, no munchies, no red eyes. It’s a functional high,” he added. “If I have a presentation or I’m nervous, I’ll take one hit. It helps me focus and calms me down.” – The New York Post. Vaping cannabis is a discreet way to get high, no matter where you’re at so it’s the perfect solution for urban professionals looking to take the edge off mid-day.

The New Faces of Marijuana Usage

Today’s marijuana users are as diverse as ever. From age, sex, race, and socioeconomics — all types of people can turn to the drug as a way to improve their lives. Gone are the days where marijuana is merely stereotyped as a “fun” drug. People are finally realizing that weed helps with adult-onset pain, congenital diseases, relaxation, anxiety, and more.