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What Your Weed Consumption Preference Might Say About You

420 Culture

Weed has evolved. It's a lot stronger than the grass your parents smoked at Woodstock. Variety has also increased dramatically: there's a strain, potency level, and type of ingestion for virtually everyone. Flower, vaping, and edibles are just a few of the many legal marijuana choices we have in California. You've probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but have you ever considered what weed says about your personality?

You're crushing it with your job and don't have time for anyone's bullshit. From business meetings to happy hours, you slay AM to PM. But you're also considerate of your non-weed-smoking peers. If this sounds like you, chances are vaping is your favorite way to get high. You keep it tidy and don’t stink up the place. Discreet and inconspicuous, you get your fix on the go without slowing down to roll a joint or pack a bowl. 

You're low-key old school. You listen to NPR on the radio instead of streaming it online – because that's what Garrison Keillor would do. You've been wearing mom jeans since before they were cool, and gardening is one of your favorite hobbies. You, my dear friend, are most likely a joint roller. Your preferred method is marijuana flower, ground to perfection, and rolled into a conical baseball bat joint. Don’t forget the filter tip!

You're famous on TikTok, and the most outspoken person in your squad. Your love language is baking, and your friends adore you for it. You're always down for a hike in the woods but not without your trail mix. If we’re reading your vibe correctly, you're into edibles. Gummies, brownies, and cannabis-infused beverages are your go-to methods for getting high. 

You've been going to music festivals since the 90s. You're into DIY and smudging your home with sage. You collect crystals for their healing powers and charge them during a full moon. You're chill but are quick to cast a spell on someone if they threaten your inner circle. Your cat is your familiar, and you smoke top-shelf weed from a glass pipe. Whether it's a classic spoon, bubbler, or steamroller, you don't discriminate so long as they are hand blown by a local artist. 

You're efficient and effective when it comes to project management. Your friends refer to you as calm, cool, and collected. At social gatherings, you're relaxed and friendly. Your PSA is “No sudden movements around the piece!” You smoke from a bong, preferably with a lengthy tube for cool and mellow smoke – and yeah, indica strains are your favorite. You might be a one-hitter quitter, but that's your business. You're spatially aware and prefer maximum 420 efficiency. 

If any of this sounds like you, we'd love to be friends. Hit us up and order online. Bud Man Weed Delivery is your biggest fan in Orange County!