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Turn Up Your Fitness Routine with Marijuana

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It’s not a pick-me-up like a green smoothie or pre-workout powder, but believe it or not, cannabis can improve your exercise regimen in more ways than one. It can make you train harder, lose fat, and recover faster.

Former TV host Joe Rogan talks about it all the time: he would get stoned and hit the gym with unbridled delight. “Getting high and working out is one of the last talked about and least appreciated pleasures of fitness,” he said. And of course, there’s science behind his claims. Your body produces its very own endocannabinoids when your body gets moving which can be increased and augmented when combined with cannabinoids from marijuana. This gives the body a pain-relieving effect and has big implications for exercising. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – here’s a few more reasons to take a toke before your fitness routine. Assists in Warmups and Flexibility Working out with loose muscles is essential for flexibility and avoiding injury. Sometimes simple stretching and breathing isn’t enough to get the job done. Weed can help relieve muscle tension, so you can get started with your workout sooner. Ever heard of Ganja Yoga? It’s totally a thing right now!

Workout Longer with Weed

Cannabis could be considered a performance enhancer. As a bronchodilator (a drug that widens the bronchi for inhalation), weed can help an athlete inhale more air and send greater amounts of oxygen to the blood. The more oxygen that reaches your muscles and brain, the longer you can put in the hard work.

Get High and Focus Like a Pro

The intense zen that comes with smoking weed can startle newbies, but it’s possible for you to channel the same zen effect during physical activities. Cannabis is perfect for long distance jogs, yoga, or bicycling. This is a revelation for many people. Professional athletes tend to rely on their trainer to “keep them in the zone,” but you don’t need help from anyone. A couple of hits before your workout can do the job.

Smash Your Personal Records When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that increase tolerance for pain, which in turn decreases the perception of exertion. Cannabis can soothe the perception of pain, allowing you to push harder. This is how you work harder, go farther, and last longer. Improving your personal bests can lead to gains in endurance, muscle toning, and motivation.

Recover Faster with CBD and THC

There’s nothing more important after a solid workout than solid rest. Actual improvements to your body happen during downtime. So when you’re restoring energy for your next session, cannabis can ease the soreness until you’re ready to hit the gym again. Pro tip: Use CBD products to help reduce inflammation (pain and soreness), and use THC for refueling and recovery (eating and sleeping).

Cannabis users my never escape the couch potato stereotype. But it’s important to understand that many marijuana enthusiasts live healthy, active, inspiring lives. Often the reason people don’t exercise is because they haven’t found the right way for them. That way might include weed. Time to get off the couch and experiment!