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Tips For Cooking With Weed

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Food and weed are almost too natural a combination. Some people like to get stoned and then eat, while others like to eat and then get stoned. And then there’s a prolific third group who do both at the same time through the wonders of science. Baking, cooking, and mixing food/drink with cannabis extracts is one of those phenomena that blend science and art. If you take the time to learn the right techniques, even a beginner can skate by like a pro chef in the world of marijuana food.  Reference this list to make sure you avoid any potentially money-wasting and rep-crushing mistakes.

Clean Your Cannabis

Outdoor plants in particular can be tainted with grime, bacteria, or even bird poop. So first tip: Avoid dirty weed altogether by purchasing nugs from a reliable source. And to be extra sure, you can gently boil the nuggets. Yes, it sounds weird, but boiling water isn’t hot (or wet?) enough to damage with the cannabinoids that you’re using for infusion.


This is the process of applying low heat for an extended period of time. This step takes the active ingredients (THCA) and changes them into THC, the psychoactive good stuff that actually makes you high. There are various ways to decarb your weed, including with an oven, a mason jar, or an immersion circulator. If you skip decarboxylation, your edibles may end up weak or ineffective.

Strain With Gloves

There are all kinds of strainers you can find. Even a coffee filter works if you’re on a budget. But don’t use your bare hands. Not only is it unsanitary, you’ll get high on the side. Which is nice, yes – but that’s besides the point when you’re possibly cooking for others. Use a spatula to salvage the last few bits from gloved hands.

Use Tools When Possible

Get a machine to do the tricky or time consuming work for you. Easily flubbale processes like temperature regulation, stirring, and timing are better handled by robots. If there are any steps you can take to reduce the chance for a mistake, you should definitely consider them.

Use A Good Saturation Ratio

Avoid overpacking your nugs with infusion while keeping enough liquid to strain out. The less liquid you use, the more difficult it’ll be to recoup the liquid filled with goodies. A good ratio to start with? We say 1g per 1oz of medium, whether it’s alcohol or glycerin. 

Freezer Is Your Friend

Anything you don’t eat right away should go right into the freezer, as its shelf life will get a boost. So for every brownie you smartly cut in half, stash away so you can top off your ice cream another day!

Chill With The Heat

There’s a reason you don’t see deep fried cannabis edibles: Direct heat like in pan-frying or grilling destroys the THC and leaves you with its sleepy cousin CBN. Sure you can grill and fry all you want, but we recommend that you do it with foods that cool quickly – or try adding the cannabis afterwards. If you’re using an oven, staying under 350 degrees is recommended. Now that you have these tips & tricks, you should be sidestep most edible ganja goofups. With this knowledge in your disposal you’re sure to be the next Emeril Lagasse or Salt Bae. Happy weed cooking!