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Sativa Strains for Motivation and Getting Things Done

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I usually smoke indica heavy flowers to give me pain relief from my scoliosis instead of pharmaceutical painkillers that cause me nothing but intense nausea and sedation. At the very least, I feel like I can function – but I do have to admit that while indica strains do provide me relief, the effects can definitely conflict with my goals when I am trying to overcome my procrastination. So give to me some jolted energy to aid in my cleaning mission, I switched it up to a pure sativa smoke session. 


There are many times I’ve heard customers say to me that they experience a high level of anxiety from sativa strains. I have definitely experienced similar feelings, but in retrospect I believe these sensations are just another form of energy. It’s really up to you how you decide to channel that energy. You can either disperse it out of you with mindless activity or let it consume you until it finds a way to disperse itself through you with quivers. For me, I’m going to turn that feeling of anxiety into some much needed jet fuel to help me pace my way through the monstrous task before me.

I open the jar of Candy Jack I ordered from Bud Man and inhale the intense terpenes that almost make my eyebrows jump up over my forehead. The high notes of citrus almost smell like the kind of cleaning agent I’ll be needing. I laugh sheepishly to myself as I prepare to twist up a joint. 

Before I go out to smoke I assess the areas of my room and decide which item category is eating up the most of my space – because that is what I will start with when I get back in. The purpose of this assignment is to not overwhelm myself into avoidance again. I’ve picked my first category and intend to put on my mental horse blinders until I am able to finish that task. I return from my smoke break and dive into the separation and reorganization of all of my clothes. I can feel the buzz coming on and it wires through me like a shot of caffeine. My brain is already on hyperspeed as I continue to pace myself around the room fidgeting with this here, moving that there, and throwing things away during the process. 

The way this Candy Jack sativa strain helped me focus on my intention for the day was exactly what I needed. A couple hours later, I look around at the completely changed environment that was crushing my soul this morning. The room is now radiating a calm and clean essence that I was in dire need of to improve my functionality. Thanks again Bud Man OC for providing me with exactly the right flower power! 

Until next time, 

<3 MKR