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New Year, New Euphoria

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We’re still very much feeling the New Year vibes and with Chinese New Year approaching, it’s more apropos than ever to ring in the new.

Take this opportunity to get renewed and refreshed about your weed habits. Here are a few of our favorite ideas, try them out this month for a new way to celebrate cannabis.

Clean Your Supplies

Change doesn’t have to be big and life-altering. Sometimes, even the smallest shifts provide huge impact. Little shifts like giving your tools a deep clean can completely alter your smoking experience.

Over time, tar, mineral deposits, and other nasties can stick to your device, ruining the taste and overall enjoyment. So, scrub out those pipes, bongs, and vaporizers to breathe new life into your high experience.

Try Out New Products

Cannabis is so much more than just dry bud! With the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana use, the industry is enjoying a flood of new product innovation. Go beyond your comfort zone and check out topicals like massage oils, anti-aging creams, and muscle rubs. Or if you’re looking to get high, try wax, oils, and hash.

Switch Up Your Strains

People stick to what they know, it’s just human nature. But with change comes growth and an easy change to make is as simple as switching up your strain. Rather than reaching for your tried-and-true, dabble with either indica, sativa, or a hybrid for a totally different type of high.

Take on a New Activity

Guilty of getting stoned and vegging out for hours at a time? While this act can be uber relaxing and fun in its own right, it can also get kind of depressing after a while. So, break it up! Instead of the same old same old, ditch the couch for something fun.

Why not try another type of activity while stoned, like exercising, cooking, or drawing? Marijuana can be so much more than just relaxing. It can motivate, bring on focus, and inspire. By trying new things while stoned, you might develop a new hobby and at best, break free from the couch-potato monotony.

Get Social (or Anti-Social)

There are pros and cons to smoking alone vs. smoking with friends. Smoking solo can bring on feelings of clarity, introspection, and calmness. While smoking socially can elicit fits of giggles, witty banter, and camaraderie. Both are great but if you find yourself leaning towards one type of behavior more often than not, why not try something new!

Rather than toking up by yourself, invite some friends over for a good time. And vice versa, instead of treating weed as a social-only event, take some time to enjoy a solo high. You might feel and think differently, or maybe be inspired to create some art!

Bring on the New

There’s no wrong way to enjoy weed. However you like to imbibe on cannabis, you can still keep on living your best life, but with these fun and minor tweaks, we think you can elevate your experience even higher.  

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