Natural performance enhancers

Marijuana: Nature’s Performance Enhancer

Marijuana Education

You already know that marijuana is a powerful drug that many use to have fun, relax, and heal. But did you also know that cannabis is an effective drug that also improves performance in certain physical activities? That’s right, in addition to marijuana’s multitude of benefits used for fun and pain relief, you can now throw enhanced sport performance into the mix.

Zen Out With CBD  

Yoga is a complex activity that requires both clear headedness and strong focus at the same time — and for many, this fine balance is difficult to attain and maintain, which is why CBD is an excellent aid for yoga. With cannabidiol (CBD), the body and mind relaxes so that the yogi can focus on each specific movement without the overstimulation of thoughts and anxiety racing in their brains. Because the CBD compound extracted from weed is non-psychoactive — unlike the THC compound — practitioners are able to reap the healthful and calming effects without going on trip, allowing them to be present and prioritize their yoga practice above all else.

Have More Fun in the Boudoir

According to, researchers from the University of Catania in Italy and Charles University and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic discovered that cannabis is an aphrodisiac. 70 percent of research respondents reported that they experienced an “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction”.

Here’s why: cannabis triggers the release of dopamine, the chemical in our brain responsible for feelings of pleasure and reward. In addition to increasing dopamine, weed’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound also evokes feelings of euphoria. These elements combined explain why a little weed in the pipe can lead to a lot of fun in the bedroom.

Enhance Your Running Experience

Think weed will keep you on the couch? Think again. Plenty of runners — from recreational to marathon — are turning to weed to enhance their performance. Sativa strains are known to help runners maintain better mental focus, allowing them to go for longer stretches, easier. In addition, according to The Wall Street Journal, many ultra runners use weed before a race to help manage pain, nausea, and anxiety. Add all these benefits to weed’s well-known ability to relieve pain, it makes sense why runners far and wide are turning to cannabis to help with cramps, sore muscles, and achy joints during and after performance.   

Get More Out of Weightlifting

Did you know that gym rats and bodybuilders turn to marijuana as medicine to help improve their weightlifting practice? Yup! Weed is a powerful sleep aid, helping users sleep easier, deeper, and longer. And for weightlifters, excellent sleep is necessary as deep sleep is valuable to muscle restoration and growth. Also, weed famously helps build appetite, also an important side effect for bodybuilders looking to bulk up with increased calorie intake.  

Marijuana: The Performance Enhancer

Cannabis does more than get you stoned; it’s an excellent stress reliever, pain healer, and performance enhancer. Add marijuana to the your practice be it yoga, weightlifting, or beyond to get the most out of your workout.