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How Serious Are Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms?

420 Culture

If you conduct an internet search for “cannabis withdrawal,” you’ll find articles that reference cravings, mood swings, and sleep issues. You can also find drug war propaganda that suggests withdrawal is severe enough to require checking into rehab. You can safely regard that approach as hyperbolic.  

Most weed users have voluntarily (or not) quit for a while at some time or another. It’s normal. Whether it’s a few days, weeks or months, taking a break isn’t a sign of anything in particular. Sometimes a job requires extraordinary focus, or maybe you’re vacationing in a non-cannabis-friendly location. Maybe you just want to do a detox or fast. 

Whatever the reason, there are ways to mitigate any withdrawal-related issues that may arise. The most common symptom is trouble sleeping. However once you fall asleep, your dreams can be ultra lucid! Exercise is also a great way to fight withdrawal symptoms. Going for a run or working out at the gym are good ways to get even the stickiest, dankest bowl of weed off your mind. 

Irritability, jitters, and cravings should pass within a week, if you experience any symptoms at all. Have a cup of tea or get some exercise, and wait it out. When you decide to return to marijuana, the experience will be that much sweeter.