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How Can Weed Help You Lose Weight?

Marijuana Education

Not all cannabis users are the lazy, sad, sack-of-couch-potatoes that the media portrays. Many are just regular people living their lives. People with jobs, families, and goals–weight loss goals. And sometimes people, all people, need a little extra help when it comes to losing some holiday pounds.  

Whether you’re a regular user or a noob, you may not know all of the positive effects pot can have when it comes to health and weight management. Sure, pot is widely lauded as a medical remedy, bringing relief to pain sufferers–physically and mentally. But did you know that marijuana can be used to help you lose weight? Pretty handy for the holiday season!

Marijuana Motivators

According to this Vogue article, “Heart rates can increase after smoking cannabis, which could conceivably make [people] hit their maximum heart rates at a reduced workload.” That means that you can get more workout for less time and energy. As if that’s not motivator enough, getting high before your workout can actually help prevent pulling of muscles and joints!   \

Runner’s High or Weed High?

Studies show that the THC from marijuana gets stored in fat cells after smoking, but during workouts, the THC gets released. This process allows users to experience their initial high all over again. Imagine, your runner’s high coupled with your marijuana high! That doubled sense of euphoria will turn the chore of working out into a fantastical escapade. Your treadmill/elliptical will magically transform from bulky machinery to an adventure apparatus.   

Everyone’s Doing It!

Ok, this isn’t high school. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. But, by learning all of the information, you’ll realize the answer for yourself, too.

Americans across the nation are using marijuana to enhance their exercise performance. We’re talking athletes across the board; yoga practitioners, ultra-marathoners, gym rats, and many, many more. Discover for yourself if cannabis can help out with your exercise goals.   

Be a Believa in Sativa

Now that we have your attention, you might be ready to get on the cannabis+exercise train. Before diving in however, find the right pot for you. We recommend sativa-strain products for exercise. Sativa brings focus and energy, which will come in handy in an otherwise humdrum workout session. The strain to avoid (unless you’re engaging in a highly-meditative, relaxing session of yoga or the like) is indica. Indica, unlike sativa, delivers a body high. Users on indica will experience heavy-limb sensations and laziness, not exactly motivating for working out.  

Post Workout Relief

Even if you’re not comfortable using weed before or during a workout, consider using pot after exercise for its healing powers. After a particularly hard working session, your joints and muscles may ache. Take this opportunity to indulge in a puff, a bite, or even a rubdown. Cannabis acts as an anti-inflammatory so whether you choose to use it internally or topically, it will bring relief as needed.