holidays and marijuana

Holiday Marijuana Hacks

420 Culture

Oh boy – it’s that time of year again. Holiday cheer, festive meals, gathering, and returning home. No matter where you go, we have no doubt that your good friend marijuana will be making the trip too. Here are a few ways to survive your hometown trip with these cannabis lifehacks.

Have Your Own Weed Supply

You don’t want to be “that” person. You know, the gal who’s sending a truck full of texts messages trying to track down a friend of a friend of a friend who might know someone who could hook them up. If you don’t have a regular supply, pack em’ up. Preparation is key.

Double Down on Marijuana Storage

A little reminder: When you’re staying at home, you’ll be in close quarters to family, friends, and pets who might not enjoy the skunky, beautiful aroma of quality weed as much as you do. The holiday blunt stowed in your bag might set off someone’s radar. 

Sidestep this potential hazard by investing in a quality weed storage option. In this case, a ziplock bag won’t get the job done. Use an air tight container, preferably made of metal for maximum smell protection. Otherwise you might need to open the windows and pray for wind.

Be Discreet But Watch For 420 Friends

Stepping away from a family function for a hit (or five) is an artform in and of itself, but keep your ears and eyes peeled – someone else might like to partake in the marijuana fun. 

I mean, we all knew Uncle Robert was down with the cause but 82-year-old Auntie Abby? Who knew, huh? Marijuana might be one of the most potent ways to connect with family in ways you never thought possible! It’ll be an experience, trust us. 

Time Your High For Maximum Enjoyment

There are numerous ways to gauge your high and peak at the right time. In fact, it’s key to avoiding any undue stress. Know yourself and the strain you’re smoking. Is it indica or sativa? Do you get sleepy or talkative when you smoke? However you roll, we suggest timing your high – and munchies – to line up with dessert! 

Game And Toys With Marijuana

You’ll never get bored with this technique. There’s bound to be a box of Lego, action figures, or video games lurking somewhere somewhere in your parents’ house. Nostalgia is always fun, but it’s even better under the influence of ganja.

Be Smart About Where You Smoke

Smoking weed in front of your urban California apartment might not be a big deal. The same might not be true  in Yorba Linda or Newport Beach. Simply put, be smart and aware of your surroundings. Laws  and customs governing cannabis consumption differ wildly across municipalities. Check with the locals if you’re unsure about legal status of smoking where you are. 

Leave No Trace of Cannabis

Be sure to clean up and ventilate when you smoke. Don’t leave crumbs or shake laying around, and dispose of ashes and roaches appropriately. 

And if you’re thinking about leaving some weed behind for the next time you’re in town, you might want to reconsider. Depending on who lives in the house, leaving stash behind might not be the best idea. Unless you want a call from mom a week later asking about that skunky smell. Or maybe even worse: your cheeky nephew discovers your secret 420 stash and smokes it all!