yoga and cbd

Enhance Your Yoga Experience With CBD

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Meditation, as you may be aware, is an essential part of yoga practice. CBD can make it even better.

Whether you’re a bendy yogi who down dogs on the daily, or someone who dabbles in the occasional vinyasa, CBD (short for cannabidiol) can help take your game to the next level. As it turns out, CBD and yoga can be a great combination. From getting you in the right mindset to helping recovery from soreness, here are a few reasons why CBD might be your new practice partner.

Find Your Flow with CBD

Meditation comes naturally for some, while sitting still is a challenge for others. Letting all the thoughts in your head settle down takes time to learn and practice. CBD can help slow your racing mind and get you into a calmer space. Cannabidiol can also help with anxiety and depression.   

Get Your Mind Right with CBD

Is it difficult to get focused and enjoy class? When you’re still feeling unsettled 30 minutes into an hour-long class, it’s easy to be frustrated. CBD can help you get your mind right more easily and clear your head of stress – so when class starts, you can power through until the last down dog sequence. 

Work Out Aches and Pains with CBD

CBD isn’t just good for the mind. It can also benefit your body. If you’re hitting the mat with tightness or tension from yesterday’s practice or workout, CBD can help you loosen up. It can also release stiffness in your spine, upper back, and shoulders, so you can get to bending and flexing with ease. 

Recover Faster with CBD

While yoga is a relaxing way to exercise, it can also be an invigorating workout. You will feel all the pushups, planks, and muscle-building moves the next day. Turning to CBD after a vigorous class can help reduce inflammation and soreness. Adding a CBD bath bomb or salts to your bath soak will accelerate your muscle recovery.

CBD may help you sleep better after a workout, which is when muscle recovery really happens. Rest up with cannabidiol, and get ready for your next session!