4 Ways to Be A Responsible Cannabis User

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Now that recreational marijuana is legal in California, it’s important to understand how to use pot responsibly. It’s safe to assume that many more Californians will soon experiment with pot products and it’s better for all citizens to fully understand how to safely enjoy cannabis without harming either themselves or neighbors.

1) Don’t Smoke and Drive

If you’re under the influence, whether it’s alcohol or marijuana, don’t drive. Know how your body handles cannabis and specifically, how it handles certain types of cannabis products. For example, smoking weed leads to a faster high, but not long-lasting. Ingesting edibles on the other hand leads to a slower high, but lasting for several hours. So when imbibing, be mindful of your schedule and take into consideration how long the high will last. If driving is necessary, then be sure to allow several hours to sober up – just in case. Or better yet, take an Uber regardless.

2) Keep Edibles Away From Tiny Hands

Edibles come in tantalizing forms. From chocolate bars, to lollipops, to gummy bears, it’s easy to mistake a cannabis edible product for a normal marketplace candy. That is why it’s more important than ever to keep edibles safely stashed in their original packaging and away from the little one’s prying hands. Store your edibles in top shelf cabinets, locked up drawers, or anywhere else safe in the house. Just avoid countertops, unmanned desk drawers, and kid eye-level locations.

3) Know Your Limits

The psychoactive properties of pot can sneak up on you – particularly if you’re new to using cannabis. So if possible, experiment in a safe environment and with different products on different occasions in order to learn about your preferences, limits, and tolerance. Edibles, topicals, bud, hash, and more all behave differently. So do research to narrow down your choices and then experiment in the safety of your home.

4) Choose CBD Products

Want to avoid all associated risks with imbibing on pot? Then opt for CBD products instead. CBD cannabis provides all the soothing reliefs of marijuana, minus the psychoactive properties. You can use CBD for relaxation and pain relief without suffering symptoms associated with typical THC pot use. Use CBD to relax or relieve pain while still maintaining a clear mind.

Enjoy Cannabis Safely

With these simple, logical, and easy-to-follow tips, you can safely enjoy cannabis at your leisure now that recreational use is legal in California. Use common sense no matter the situation and always remember that cannabis is a drug with mind and body altering capabilities. But if caution is top of mind, all California citizens will be safe guarded.