Jetty Pure 3ml Vape E-Juice Refills (1,000mg Cannabinoids – 7 strains)


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Jetty Cannabis Juice Refill Vials are a great way to keep vaping on the go. The concentrate can be used with any liquid vapor device, including Jetty Cartridges, as well as in most new vapor pens and mods on the market today. The Cannabis Liquid is available in the same wide variety of strains as Jetty Cartridges.

This product is the oil only – cartridge is required and is sold separately.

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  1. I love the design and effect of this product. I love how easy it is to use and how delicious the Grape Ape tastes and feels. I’m hooked on this.

  2. Very potent and great price for all the co2 oil ejuice you get. Very tasty and smooth. Easy to fill ant 510 car or ce4.

  3. I use this all the time with my bloom farms attachment and it’s an amazing product, I would recommend this product to anybody. Got the Jack Herer and it was very pleasing.

  4. I bought one of the wifi and one of grape ape refill oils so that I would have a back up when I went camping with my family. It makes it so easy to refill! I will always keep a back up now

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