Kurupt’s Moonrock

Want to try the strongest bud in the galaxy? Well according to Kurupt’s Moonrock, that’s exactly what they have.

Moonrocks is a strain of Girl Scout Cookies dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. Made in collaboration with Kurupt & Dr. Zodiac, this bud is approved by the likes of Snoop Dogg himself.

Bud Man OC is an official distributor for Kurupt’s Moonrock products.

Kurupt’s Moonrock – Products

  • Dr. Zodiak’s Original Moon Rock Ice THC-A Blunts (99% THCa – CBD)

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  • Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rocks Hash + Keif (61% THC – premium – 5 flavors)

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  • Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rock Ice SUPERKOOL Pre-Rolls (90% THC – 4 flavors)

    $50.00 Select options
  • Dr. Zodiaks Moonrock Ice (new!) 99% THCa – Kurupt Moon Rocks (1 gram – premium)

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  • Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rocks Rosin + Keif Pre-Rolls (61% THC – 6 flavors)

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